Somos en escrito: Voice of US Indigenous/Afro/Ibero Latino Authors

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Somos en escrito Magazine offers new and established Indigenous-Hispanic writers in the U.S. a venue where they may publish their writings for and about our community and thus deepen America’s understanding of the excellence and importance of our literary contributions to the nation. As an independent, privately run publishing enterprise, we seek to ensure that Indigenous-Hispanic literature is fully recognized as an integral part of American literature.

Our pages are filled with reality and sacrifice, a culture of resistance, and a new vision for decades to come sparked by a rich culture, history, traditions, and achievement. Somos en escrito is a store of wisdom, representation, and education for all to see, where we value ourselves and how, through literature, we seek to counter the distortions, myths, and disdain toward Americans of Indigenous-Hispanic origins.

We value collaborations through literature with other publishers and writing groups as well as mutual support with other organizations dedicated to communicate the truth through their own information vehicles and public outreach.

The Somos en escrito Literary Foundation, a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, operates Somos en escrito Magazine and the publishing house, Somos en Escrito Literary Foundation (SELF) Press. We seek to be the go-to place for the best and latest in literature by Mexican Americans, Native Americans, and U.S. Latinos. Our contributors span the cultural and ethnic expanse of our community, from our renowned authors such as the late Rodolfo Anaya,
the first Chicano scholar Felipe de Ortego y Gasca, also deceased, Native historian Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, to Berkeley poet laureate Rafael Jesús González, and Richard Blancoto emerging new writers we seek to nurture. In 2018, we inaugurated the first “Extra-Fiction” Contest which has been judged by the father of Chicano Sci-fi, Ernest Hogan. Our magazine publishes year-round and SELF Press is open to submissions of vital stories that portray our realidad.

Our first books, released in 2020, include Insurgent Aztlán, by Ernesto Todd Mireles; Theorizing César Chávez, New ways of Knowing STEM by Armando Arias; Postcards from a PostMexican, by Álvaro Ramirez, and Undesirable Race and Remembrance by Robert René Galván, and in 2021, Nuestros Abuelos Fueron Braceros y Nosotros Tambien, by Rosa Martha Zárate Macías and Abel Astorga Morales. The first two books were finalists in the 2020 International Latino
Book Awards.

Visit the magazine at For more information or to learn about submitting manuscripts to the magazine or Press, email


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