LICI facilitates the participation of US Latina and Latino communities as employees, consumers, and leaders in the production and distribution of goods and services. This includes expanding on its ongoing sponsorship of Latina and Latino technology summits in conjunction with information technology companies, under the name LatinoTech. LICI also sponsors neighborhood forums and virtual meeting. Through these gatherings and social media, LICI distributes informational materials that increase financial literacy and empowerment within Latin American and Caribbean origin communities. These summits, forums, and dissemination activities are designed to increase, retain, and elevate the role of Latin American origin professionals in high technology enterprises. In LICI-Américas sponsored events, experts and specialists discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion, share best practices for creating a more equitable modern workforce, and foster the next generation of executives and managers in the public and private sectors. We also seek to foster corporate practices and public policy to accomplish these goals of equity and inclusion.

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