Américas co-sponsors the Americas Health Partnership, working in close coordination and with the sponsorship of Global Health Partners of New York City, In its current start-up phase, the Health Partnership is working with corresponding governmental entities and organizations in Cuba and Mexico to make available experienced and recognized health care professionals from the United States to work in Cuban and Mexican health care facilities. Health workers and professionals from the US include doctors, nurses, and other licensed health care providers. The Americas Health Partnership will develop a professional network of medical professionals affiliated with university-based medical centers and create an electronic professional search platform or portal on the Internet where prospective placements generated by Cuban and Mexican public health authorities will be announced. Interested U.S.-based health professionals will be invited to search placements so that they can submit applications for voluntary short, medium, and long-term health services placements in the respective host countries. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Health Partnership is exploring ways to facilitate cooperation of medical professionals across borders to achieve optimal health outcomes for patients in the three participating countries.

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