Américas: A Non Profit Working for Social and Economic Justice

Américas enables the full participation of United States, Latin American, and Caribbean communities in social, economic, and governmental affiars. We partner other non profits to serve communities that benefit from our 4 related programs:
  • Latino Institute for Corporate Inclusion
  • Mexican Mexican American Dialogue
  • Americas health partnership
  • Alta California Institute


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Meet Our Team

Américas Board of Directors and Affiliated Staff.
Lupe Sarabia

Lupe Sarabia

Management Operations Consultant

Ms. Lupe Sarabia is serving as Interim Project Manager to Américas. Lupe brings to Américas extensive experience working in information technology and related fields.

Dr. José Pedro Enz

Dr. José Pedro Enz

MPH and MD

a native of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, is a practicing pediatrician and epidemiologist with a practice in Hercules and Oakland, California.

Armando Rendón

Armando Rendón


A native of San Antonio, Texas. Professor at Saint Mary’s College, California and Executive Editor at Born in San Antonio, Texas he later lived in the SF Bay Area and Washington DC, now living in Berkeley, He authored Chicano

Randy Villegas

Randy Villegas

Ph. D.

A Kern County, California native, is a professor of Political Science, a Ph.D. candidate at UC Santa Cruz and a delegate for the Central Committee of the California State Democratic Party.